Leasing Agent – Residential

Leasing Agent - Residential

Job Overview

Residential Leasing Agents work for the landlords of homes, condominiums, apartment units, and other residential properties to find tenants. Residential Leasing Agents are responsible for greeting and liaising with potential tenants, and for ensuring appropriate checks are run prior to rental. They handle all aspects of leases, and ensure that a leasing price is set that will guarantee a fair return on investment. Residential Leasing Agents advise prospective tenants on total rental costs, including utilities and any other fees. They also provide information on details such as air conditioning and parking availability.

Residential Leasing Agents see that prospective tenants fill out applications completely, verify all information, and collect any fees. They run background checks as necessary. Residential Leasing Agents sign and initial rental contracts correctly, and review contract information to ensure complete understanding. Following the initiation of the contract, Residential Leasing Agents deliver keys to the tenant.