Payroll Records / Benefits Administrator

Payroll Records / Benefits Administrator Staffing Denver

Job Overview

The Payroll Records/Benefits Administrator maintains payroll and related records recording the accumulation and use of vacations, holidays, sick days, and miscellaneous leaves of absence. This individual may calculate deductions for group health, life, and disability insurance premiums and communicate to employees and payroll staff.

Payroll Records/Benefits Administrators prepare premium reports and communicate with insurance carriers and other program vendors. They may administer a variety of voluntary deductions such as United Way contributions, U.S. government bond purchases, and stock purchase plans. These individuals sometimes administer pension benefits, retirement programs, 401(k) plan contributions and disbursements, and contributions to various thrift plans. This is the most senior position in which the primary responsibility is payroll-related leave and benefit records administration. The position generally requires 2 to 4 years of related experience, and may require a related degree or equivalent technical training. FPC or CPP designation preferred.