Property Accountant

Property Accountant Staffing Denver

Job Overview

Alternate Titles: Accountant, Real Estate Accountant, RE Accountant

Property Accountants prepare accounting reports for management in a property management firm or department to ensure timely and accurate financial reports. They summarize activity reports on managed commercial properties and ensure compliance with applicable state or federal regulations. Property Accountants may work for small to mid-size organizations or in a very large organization may work collaboratively as members of a management team, which means they have an opportunity to apply their numbers-crunching skills while gaining real world experience.

Property Accountants review monthly financial statements and reports the property management firm submits to business partners. They review tenant billing calculations to make sure the management company is charging the proper rents. They review cash balances and bank statements. They review auditing reports for compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, a federal law requiring public companies to ensure they have adequate record keeping and internal financial controls.  The experience level of the Property Accountant dictates assigned tasks.

Education, Experience, & Certifications

Typical Duties May Include: