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Keys to Holding a Successful (and Safe) Holiday Party

Posted by: Emma Berdanier on November 27th, 2019

It’s that time of year again, time for the company holiday party. This event can do wonders to improve employee morale. It can also become a fond memory to boost employee retention. But there’s also a potential downside to these parties — companies being liable for what happens at them. Holding a successful holiday party is possible, but not without careful planning.

Regardless of if these parties happen in or out of the office, the company is liable for what occurs. This can range from allegations of harassment to accidents and injuries. Organizing your holiday party in a way that prevents these scenarios is key to it being a success.

Holding a Successful Holiday Party

Careful planning to avoid common pitfalls of holiday parties is key to your success. Below you’ll find the keys to a successful and safe holiday party, one that will both improve your employees’ morale and promote employee retention. All the benefits of a holiday party can be achieved without the risks. All it takes is a plan ahead of time.

Limiting Alcohol Consumption

Deciding to serve alcohol at your company’s holiday party isn’t a bad decision. But to ensure this decision doesn’t backfire, you need to plan how you’re going to manage alcohol consumption. When unmanaged, alcohol consumption can open the company up to risks. Potential risks include inappropriate behavior and injuries/accidents.

Some ways to limit alcohol consumption include:

Ask Your Employees What They Want

Before you plan a large party after work hours, ask your employees what they would like. You can do this by giving them a list of options to choose from or asking for their input. Either way, be sure to keep their answers confidential.

Planning a large holiday party won’t improve employee morale if it’s not what your employees want. New parents might not want to pay for childcare. Employees may not want to spend a night off at a company event. Acting on your employees’ desires will ensure your holiday party improves employee morale.

Alternatives to the classic holiday party include:

And of course, instead of a party, you could always give to your employees. Using the budget intended for the holiday party, turn it into a bonus, or extra paid time off for your workers, or giving a donation to charity on your employees’ behalf.

The Truth About Office Holiday Parties

It isn’t possible to avoid all the risks associated with hosting a holiday party. But, by following these guidelines, you’ll save yourself from stress by planning for the worst. You also won’t make every employee happy with your decisions. But make the holiday celebration optional – particularly if it’s outside of typical business hours. Also, don’t pass judgment on those who can’t attend or choose not to attend.

Here’s to a safe and happy holiday!


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