Samantha ("Sam")

Commercial Property Administrator, Denver, CO

Commercial Property Administrator Lands Denver Job and Relocates to Colorado

Samantha ("Sam")

Commercial Property Administrator

As Denver Recruiters, we get asked this question a lot: “I want to move to Denver, but need to have a job before I’m able to make the move. Is it possible to find a job in Denver before I move there?”

The answer is – YES!

It does, however, make one’s job search more challenging. Resumes can be skipped over by the reviewer if they list an out-of-state address. Some employers fear that candidates will change their plans to move here; others with a tight hiring deadline may want to focus only on local candidates. But stories like Sam’s are proof that it can happen, as top Colorado employers are looking to hire the best talent – regardless of where they currently live.

Sam’s Journey to Employment in Colorado:

Sam graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Finance and Real Estate in 2019. Fortunately, she was able to combine both of these majors into her first job after college, working as a Research Analyst for a commercial real estate firm in South Florida. When the company restructured and closed their Realty Division, they moved her to an Assistant Property Manager role at one of their Class A office high-rises being constructed in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Sam loved the company that she worked for, but she and her boyfriend decided to take the leap and pursue their dream of moving to Colorado. In Florida, her favorite hobbies were spearfishing, fishing, and just about anything involving the ocean. But, Sam had learned to snow ski when she was 3 years old, and she looked forward to living where she could drive to the mountains to ski and take long hikes with her dog without the Florida heat and humidity.

Like many job seekers, Sam turned to Google and searched for recruiting firms in Denver. She landed on J. Kent Staffing’s web site, took a look at our job postings, and the Commercial Property Administrator opening immediately caught her eye. Our client places a strong emphasis in their hiring process on cultural fit and behavioral profiling for their positions. Sam’s honest and direct communication style, paired with her obvious passion for the commercial real estate industry resulted in a quick job offer soon after her video interview with our client. Sam is thrilled to make the transition from looking for work to finding a new place to live, packing, and preparing for her upcoming move!

Sam, we look forward to welcoming you and your boyfriend to Colorado!

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