Denver Administrative Staffing Agency – Workload Overload, a New Hire Threshold

Denver Administrative Staffing Agency – Workload Overload, a New Hire Threshold


Administrative Assistant - Oil and Gas

In Denver, Colorado, “workload overload” issues lie behind much of the stress we experience in the workplace of the 21st Century.  As a result, hourly paid workers work overtime, thereby impacting the company’s operating budget. On the other hand, professionals, classified as “exempt” workers, may work 50-70 or more hours per week, thus experiencing stress in both their business and personal life.  What are some of the contributing factors to an organization’s “workload overload”? Contributing factors are many, and given the 2008 Great Recession’s budgetary challenges, Denver companies are in a frequent “workload overload” position, which negatively impacts their operation efficiencies and effectiveness. Does this sound familiar?


Denver Administrative Assistant – New Hire Approved for Global Energy Firm’s Regional Office

J. Kent’s client, a publicly traded energy firm established in 1890, found themselves in a “workload overload” position. Although the firm has an international presence, and 16,000 employees worldwide, their small Denver regional office had been without any administrative support for more than six years. During this period sans administrative help, the professional staff, VP of Western Continental Region, and four Sales Engineers relied on their firm’s corporate office to provide remote, administrative support. In early 2012 the company’s sales efforts were finally beginning to pay off, and the small Denver office began to experience unprecedented growth. It was time to increase the budget and add to staff!  Corporate approved the new hire and the company’s Denver engineers were elated.


Denver Real Estate Client Refers International Oil and Gas Firm to J. Kent Staffing

Due to a referral from another J. Kent client, a Denver based real estate and property management company, the energy firm’s corporate Human Resource Department contacted J. Kent, and approved the Direct Hire search. The search was completed in three weeks, and Tracy, a Denver native with 20+ years’ Administrative Assistant experience and one of six candidates presented, on-boarded with our client one month from the date the Contingency Search Agreement was approved.


How Did J. Kent Candidate Tracy Distinguish Herself?

J. Kent Staffing approached the search by focusing on degrees candidates with a wealth of experience and a background in the oil and gas industry. How did J. Kent Candidate Tracy distinguish herself from the other applicants in this area?


Congratulations Tracy, your administrative skills, office management experience and warm, people-oriented personality is a meaningful addition to our client’s Denver team.

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