Denver Executive Assistant Recruiter – Personal Assistant, Priceless Confidant

Denver Executive Assistant Recruiter – Personal Assistant, Priceless Confidant


Executive/Personal Assistant - Travels 70% with CEO Throughout U.S.

Denver Staffing Managers and Recruiters enjoy the challenge of working on search assignments for dynamic, demanding entrepreneurs.  By virtue of the definition of an entrepreneur, these search assignments allow us to engage with enterprising individuals who build capital through risk and/or initiative and who are willing to help launch a new venture or enterprise–and accept full responsibility for the outcome.  Typically these searches are as unique as the entrepreneur. Particularly the candidate’s skills and abilities need to seamlessly support the entrepreneur’s competitive nature and high productivity levels.  In turn, expectations are great and productive performance results are viewed as normal.


Denver Executive/Personal Assistant Sought by Recognized Entrepreneur 

In February 2012, J. Kent’s Denver Recruiters began to develop a search plan for a recognized entrepreneur in need of a new Executive/Personal Assistant.  Once again our Denver Recruiters quickly recognize that this search will be as unique as the individual, and the challenge lies in “just the right personal fit.” As the CEO of several diverse business interests to include a national, large-loss (disaster) claims company, a real estate development firm,  and ownership in a TV and film company, our client travels extensively between Colorado, California, Texas, and Arizona.  An aggressive business and travel schedule combined with the challenges of managing multiple estates and their respective households and a yacht, more effective use of the executive’s time was required to ensure greater productivity.  It became evident that a full-time, professional Executive/Personal Assistant hire had to be made quickly.


Personal Assistant – A Close, One-On-One, Demanding Business Relationship

A truly professional and experienced Executive/Personal Assistant can be priceless.  “Just the right personal fit” is the key to a successful match and therefore search efforts for this type of position are generally exhaustive.  Since this position is a close one-on-one relationship with the CEO, the Assistant must be a skilled communicator with strong problem solving skills in diverse business environments.  And, inclusive to this position, the Executive/Personal Assistant must also be free to travel throughout the U.S. at a moment’s notice due to ever changing business priorities.


Personal Assistant – A Priceless Confidant

Since 1979, our Denver Recruiters have had extensive experience recruiting Executive/Personal Assistants.  Our Recruiters understand that the performance of the Assistant is enhanced as they gain more knowledge of their employer’s organization, household or family, recognize internal and external key personnel, and understand the employer’s aims, objectives, mission and values.  However, to be identified by J. Kent’s Denver Recruiters as a top candidate for the position, each individual in the final Candidate Pool presented to the client must:

CEO Hires Jaci – 70% Travel is Now Par for The Course

After an extensive search, Jaci was selected as the top candidate and was offered and accepted this unique, diverse, and challenging position. Jaci presented with all of the requirements for the position to include a Bachelor’s Degree, advanced computer and exceptional research skills along with three years of administrative and business experience. However, the strongest determining factors that supported the CEO’s hiring decision included her:

Congratulations Jaci. All we can say is WOW!  In the air and on the ground your work schedule is impressive. 

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