Denver Non-Profit Staffing – Program Assistant Added to Staff by Non-Profit

Denver Non-Profit Staffing – Program Assistant Added to Staff by Non-Profit


Program Assistant - Non-Profit / Foundation

Denver non-profit jobs are highly sought after by new grads, those looking for a career change, and the newly retired baby boomers who are considering 2013 twilight careers serving causes they passionately believe in because they now have the time to do so. It is a fact, the non-profit world is attracting more people.  The applicant for today’s non-profit job is highly educated, diverse, bilingual, creative, hard-working, globally savvy, yet fiercely grounded and supportive of their communities. The competition for these jobs is fierce because the Denver job market is a magnet for highly educated, globally savvy talent.

Denver Job Outlook for Non-Profit Sector Slowly Improving

Non-profit organizations have gone through wrenching changes because of the “Great Recession of 2008” which has left them with a shortage of resources, and a changing workforce due to budget cuts.  However, at J. Kent Staffing we are beginning to see in 2013 a very slight improvement for the grant making sector of the Denver non-profit community.

Why People Want to Work for Non-Profits?

There are many reasons why people want to work for non-profits, and the list is too long for this blog.  However, generally speaking, at J. Kent Staffing we find that applicants are seeking a job or career with a grant making organization for:

Denver Non-Profit Seeks Full-Time Program Assistant 

J. Kent Staffing has conducted searches for top non-profit talent since 1979.  Recently our Denver Recruiters completed a search for a highly respected, Denver based 501-C3.  Our client’s grant-giving philosophy focuses on organizations that promote system change which result in an improved chance for success and quality of life for those who are most impacted by economic, social and political injustice.  In trying to manage the many programs our client supports, the organization’s CEO/President approved a full-time position dedicated to assisting the Executive Director with the program administration.  Therefore, J. Kent Staffing was engaged to conduct a search for a Program Assistant for our client.

Hard Skills Met the Requirements but Soft Skills and Personal Attributes Confirmed the Match

Although many highly qualified candidates moved successfully through the J. Kent Process, three candidates were ultimately presented to our client.  After an extensive interview, and in-depth background checking process, Katy, a Denver native, was offered and accepted the position.  Although Katy had an exemplary background and skills that closely aligned with the position’s requirements, what attracted our client to Katy could not be found on her resume.  It was clear that Katy was the right match, when, in the many interviews, she displayed a consistent, balanced and thoughtful perspective of the workplace, and present with excellent communication skills, and a true understanding of social/business protocol.  These attributes were highly sought after, and extremely important to our client.  Let’s take a look into Katy’s resume.

Katy Receives Master in Music from Prestigious San Francisco Conservatory of Music

After graduation with honors from Cherry Creek High School where Katy was active in musicals, and was also a member of the National Honor Society and French Honor Society, Katy moved to Dallas, Texas, where she attended Southern Methodist University.  She graduated in 2001 with two degrees, a BA in Music and a BA in French.  Still hungry for more education, Katy entered the highly prestigious San Francisco Conservatory of Music.  The conservatory educates exceptionally talented musicians from around the world to become artists of the highest caliber.  After two years of complete honors class immersion, Katy received her Master in Music – Voice (opera vocal performance) in 2003.

Reality Check – You Can Sing for Your Supper but it Doesn’t Pay the Bills

Although deeply passionate about music and opera, Katy fully realized the challenge in earning a living as a full-time musician.  With her three degrees in hand, and some business experience obtained through several internships, summer and part-time jobs, Katy began to apply for work in the San Francisco area (also a very competitive job market).

Six Years of Non-Profit Experience Brought to Our Denver Non-Profit Client

San Francisco also presented Katy with an opportunity to work for a non-profit, family foundation.  The 501-C3 was large and highly respected in the Bay area, and here Katy honed her Executive Assistant skill, supporting both the Executive Director and the Director of Administration.  In this capacity, and after 6 years with the organization, Katy truly became the “go-to” staff member; knowledgeable about and competent in the 501C-3 world.  The San Francisco job experience provided Katy with the right experience needed to compete for the Denver job.  This combined with Katy’s advanced MS Office skills, keyboarding at 80 wpm (musicians are generally excellent and accurate typists), internet and social media skills, she met all the requirements, and then some that our Denver non-profit was seeking.

Congratulations Katy, and welcome home to Denver.

What Exactly is a Grantmaker?

Grantmakers are people and organizations that give monetary awards (grants) to nonprofits. Grantmaking refers to the practice of giving money. Grantmakers vary in size and scope from large, national corporate giving programs to small, local family foundations.


What is a Foundation?

A foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports charitable activities to serve the public good. Foundations are often created with endowments- money given by individuals, families, or corporations. They generally make grants or operate programs with the income earned from investing the endowments. Types of foundations include:

 Source: www.givingforum.org

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