Denver Property Accountants Need Strong MRI, Yardi or Timberline Skills

Denver Property Accountants Need Strong MRI, Yardi or Timberline Skills


Property Accountant - Commercial Real Estate Services

Property Accountant – A professional who identifies and keeps records of company owned or leased equipment, buildings, and other properties. Property Accountants prepare accounting reports for management in a property management firm or department to ensure timely and accurate financial reports. They summarize activity reports on managed commercial properties, and ensure compliance with applicable state or federal regulations.

Denver Property Accountants Need Strong MRI,  Yardi or Timberline Software Skills

Denver Recruiters are always looking for top accounting talent, especially in the niche area of property accounting.  Denver Property Accountants are in high demand, particularly those with expertise in real estate property management accounting software such as MRI, Yardi, and Timberline. Therefore, when Denver real estate companies managing Class A properties are looking to add a Property Accountant to their staff, either in a replacement or newly created position, the search process begins in earnest.

J. Kent Engaged to Conduct Direct Hire Property Accountant Search

J. Kent’s Denver Recruiters recently conducted a search for a replacement Property Accountant position for one of Denver’s premier, LEED GOLD certified, commercial real estate services companies. Established in the early ’90s, our client has strong property management focus providing exceptional property management services to Class A, commercial buildings to the Denver real estate market.

Search Plan Developed to Facilitate Quick On-boarding of New Accounting Professional

Timely on-boarding was a huge driver for the client. Since time was of the essence, a search plan was designed, developed, and implemented immediately. It was also recognized by our client’s executive management team, that an experienced individual was needed, as very little training or transition time would be available. What was the client seeking in their new accounting professional?

Kristi – 26 Years of Property Accounting Experience Hired

J. Kent’s seasoned Denver Recruiters identified Kristi, with 26 years of property management experience. With single-mindedness and concentration, the search was readily completed in five business days. Our client recognized that Kristi had everything they were seeking, and more. Knowing that Property Accountants are in high demand, an excellent job offer was immediately extended with a competitive compensation and benefit package.  What did Kristi bring to the table?

J. Kent Client and Candidate a Good Match 

As of this writing, Kristi has seamlessly integrated into her new job. She handles a very large workload with her calm personality and flexible demeanor,and her knowledge of MRI has made a significant difference in the organization’s productivity. Although Kristi has many years to go before retirement, she is grateful that she has found a home with a strong, and highly respected organization where she can complete her professional career.

Congratulations to J. Kent’s team of Recruiters—this was a good match for both J. Kent Client and Candidate.

Source:  U.S. Department of Labor, Dictionary of Occupational Titles

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