Denver Recruiter - Personal Assistant, A Close One-on-One Relationship

Denver Recruiter - Personal Assistant, A Close One-on-One Relationship


Personal Assistant - To High Wealth Family

A Personal Assistant offers personalized support to the executive, principal, family and/or individual they support. Typically speaking, this type of position is a close, one-on-one, relationship where one is privy to highly confidential personal and business information.

Personal Assistants – Usually Work Under a Strict Confidentiality Agreement

In Denver, Colorado many high wealth family offices or individuals utilize the services of a Personal Assistant. The Personal Assistant (PA), usually works under a strict Confidentiality Agreement.

Personal Assistant – Overview

A Personal Assistant is responsible for working closely with the Principal in the management of their household, personal and professional needs. This position entails more of a one on one relationship with the employer. Performance of Personal Assistant is enhanced as they gain more knowledge of their employer’s organization, business, household or family, recognize internal and external key personnel, and understand the employer’s aims, objectives, mission and values.

Denver Personal Assistant Staffing – Conducted as a “Confidential Search”

Whenever J. Kent’s Denver Recruiters work on a Personal Assistant search, the search is generally very confidential in nature. One of J. Kent’s most recent PA searches also fell into this category. As we all know, there is a lot of allure and mystery associated with Hollywood’s Personal Assistants to the rich and famous, however, Denver’s Personal Assistants to top executives, individuals or high wealth families may not have that same type of glamour. Why?

Personal Assistants High Degree of Confidentiality Required – Even After Job Separation

Our clients have a strong desire for privacy, and consequently an extremely strong desire to maintain a very low profile in order to enjoy a normal business and home lifestyle. It goes without saying, a paramount qualification for such a position is the Personal Assistant’s ability to maintain, and keep, even after job separation, a high degree of confidentiality and social decorum with respect to the Principal or individuals for whom they have worked. An unblemished criminal and credit record, and a clean drug test are a must.

Canadian Receives Personal Assistant Job Offer

In our recent PA search, the candidate that received the job offer is from north of the 49th parallel. Yes, a Canuck! Elizabeth, born and educated in Canada received the nod. With 11 years of exemplary business experience reporting directly to CEO’s and Canadian government agency Ministers, Elizabeth presented the technical skills and background. Most importantly, she possessed the social decorum and the ability to manage a high degree of confidential information which was inherent in the position. Her soft skills were exemplary, but don’t under estimate our client’s desire for high technical and computer skills as well. Elizabeth test at 97% in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and 100% in MS Outlook, the MS Office Suite software that is the backbone to executive time management.

Congratulations, Elizabeth. We love those Canadians!

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