Denver Recruiter - Shipping and Receiving Clerk Manages Warehousing Logistics

Denver Recruiter - Shipping and Receiving Clerk Manages Warehousing Logistics


Shipping and Receiving Clerk

Central to any organization’s on-time and successful delivery and storage of goods and materials is the management of business operations, namely logistics.  Simply put, supply chain, logistics management involves integration, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, packaging, and often, security. One of the positions, fundamental to a global manufacturer’s supply chain management success, is the hands-on position of Shipping and Receiving Clerk.

Denver Shipping and Receiving Clerk Key to Successful Warehousing Logistics

J. Kent’s client, a highly respected global manufacturer of geophysical equipment in partnership with a Luxembourg software/hardware development company had immediate need to replace their Denver based Shipping and Receiving Clerk.  As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of geophysical logging equipment, the company supply chain continually supports the movement of highly technical equipment through more than 100 countries.

Global Manufacturer Interviews 7 Qualified Finalists

Although the organization had an immediate need to hire, they were, nonetheless, very deliberate in their hiring and interviewing process.  J. Kent had pre-screened more than 65 candidates and presented a final slate of 7, very qualified individuals.  Although solid shipping and receiving experience was required, most importantly the organization was seeking the right cultural match to work with their diverse team; however, of utmost importance was a strong work ethic.  After 7 interviews with qualified candidates, our client extended the full-time job opening to J. Kent Candidate, Andres, a Denver native.

Andres, the Right Cultural Fit, Great Attitude; Excellent Communication Skills

Andres graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in 2002 with a 3.2 GPA. Not only did he have a respectable GPA, but he also played varsity baseball and football while in school. Over the last 7 years, Andres has acquired a solid background in shipping, receiving, warehousing and distribution.  During this time he has worked for Vestas, an international supplier of wind turbines, and a national retail appliance distributors.  Personable and engaging, Andres has been a great hire for our client.  He is the right cultural fit, flexible with a great attitude, excellent communication skills, and the sound work ethic our client was seeking.

What Did Andres Bring to the Interview?

Congratulations, Andres! 

On behalf of J. Kent’s Denver Recruiters, we wish you the best in your new job.  This is a great opportunity with a respected company that cares about its employees, offers great benefits and recognized your knowledge, skills and talent.  Stay in touch and let us hear from you from time to time.

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