Denver Staffing Agencies Provide Highly Educated, Productive Temporary Workforce

Denver Staffing Agencies Provide Highly Educated, Productive Temporary Workforce


Executive Assistant, Receptionist, Device Tester, Research Specialist

In Denver, Colorado the growth in temporary staffing trends closely to that of the workforce in Fortune 100 companies. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, currently about 20-30 percent of the workforce in Fortune 100 companies are made up of contingent workers (temporary workers); that percentage is expected to swell to 50 percent by 2020.

The Independent Denver Worker is Looking for Flexibility, Bridge, and Choice

Although the Denver unemployment rate in September 2012 still hoovers at 8.2 percent and the national unemployment rate for September 2012 fell to 7.8 percent, not everyone is looking for full-time employment. Many employment decisions made by highly educated and skilled individuals are driven by a personal choice, the desire to have flexibility, and to remain independent.Today’s Denver temporary worker seems to express a strong desire to absorb as much of the new economy’s employment opportunities as possible, as they weave together a portfolio of experiences drawn from various industries and positions.

Katie – A Highly Requested J. Kent Employee 

J. Kent Candidate Katie is a great example of the new, independent worker looking for flexibility, bridge, and choice as she builds her business knowledge and continues to pursue her personal goals. Katie is a Colorado native and graduated from the University of Boulder with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in 2009. During the last five years, Katie spends a significant time in New York City, working for an international auction and fashion house. However,  when the New York projects conclude, she returns to Denver and works for J. Kent Staffing in a variety of  temporary assignments.

Katie – Completed 27 Assignments and Receives Top Performance Reports  

J. Kent’s Denver Staffing Manager has hired Katie for 27 different assignments over the past few years, because she is continually being requested again and again by J. Kent’s Clients. What makes Katie a great J. Kent Employee?

Katie possesses that unusual ability to transfer her critical-thinking abilities and people skills to the many diverse workplaces of 2012. Katie also has great computer skills as verified through the J. Kent Process for Candidates. However, it is her ability to quickly work in, and adapt to a variety of different workplace cultures that is most appreciated by J. Kent’s Clients. While on assignment for J. Kent Staffing in Denver, Colorado, Katie works hard, gives more than 100% to each assignment, has a strong desire to learn, a can-do and will-do attitude, and an ability to get the job done right the first time.

For a great job completed at the end of one assignment, Katie was rewarded with an iPad as acknowledgement for superior job performance. 

Denver Temporary Staffing – Builds Expertise and Industry Knowledge

Katie’s assignments have ranged from Device Testing, Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Market Research Specialist, Intercept Interviewer, Data Entry Specialist, and Sales Assistants, etc. During her tenure, she has handled one day assignments to an 88-day project with a single client in the following industries:

Denver Temporary Staffing – Provides Flexibility, Bridge, and Choice to Travel the World

In the past several years, between project employment in New York City and a variety of Denver temporary jobs, Katie has traveled to Thailand, Italy, Israel, Greece, France, England, and Dubai. She expects to return to Thailand in 2013. Katie, we enjoy having you on the J. Kent team. You are a great example of J. Kent’s high-caliber, well-educated temporary staff that is a growing part of the Denver and national contingent workforce.

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