Denver Staffing Agency Conducts Executive Assistant Search for Denver Non-Profit

Denver Staffing Agency Conducts Executive Assistant Search for Denver Non-Profit


Executive Assistant to President/CEO

Denver Staffing Agency Conducts Executive Assistant Search for Denver Non-Profit

Since 1979, J. Kent Staffing has had a long and deep history, providing talented professional staff for Denver, Colorado’s non-profit and philanthropic communities.  Denver recruiters love great search assignments, and J. Kent Staffing loves to conduct search assignments for the non-profit world.

Therefore, when we received the search engagement call from the Manager of Administration and Human Resources of a national non-profit for a newly created Executive Assistant position, our Denver Recruiters were thrilled and challenged.  They were challenged by search requirements that identified only the top 5% of the Executive Assistant talent in the Denver market, and thrilled to work for a highly respected and recognized non-profit committed to equal rights for all Americans.

J. Kent’s Recruiting Program Identified as the “Interview Platform” of Choice by President/CEO

J. Kent Staffing’s Denver Recruiters worked closely with the organization’s President/CEO and Manager of Administration and Human Resources.  Our Recruiters’ consultative approach was based upon a thorough understanding of the non-profit’s key management team and its strategic hiring goals:

Denver Non-Profit President/CEO Hires Meg – Educated, Skilled and Passionate in Her Life’s Work 

After reviewing hundreds of Executive Assistant resumes, 6 qualified and vetted J. Kent Candidates were selected by our highly skilled and experienced Denver Recruiters.  At the conclusion of the 1st round of interviews, the non-profit’s Denver Manager of Administration and Human Resources identified 3 out of the 6 candidates and moved them forward in the process to interview with the President/CEO.

Although all three candidates were well qualified, Meg with a BA in English Literature, C-level Executive Assistant experience, advanced computer skills as well as extensive volunteer experience and a passion for environmental issues, quickly connected with the Denver non-profit’s President/CEO from the start.  They had a lot in common, and the conversation flowed easily.

The lengthy interview addressed Meg’s core business talents, however, sharing of common ground such as favorite literary reads, whitewater rafting and trail building also rounded out the conversation. Identifying Meg as the top candidate, highly suited for the position and the corporate culture, was a quick and decisive decision by the President/CEO.  The exceptional job offer, likewise.  Congratulations Meg!  J. Kent Staffing looks forward to following your career and we wish you the best in your new, exciting and interesting Denver job.

Denver Non-Profit President/CEO Makes New Hire in 1 Day

J. Kent’s Recruiting Program was the “interview platform” of choice by this national non-profit. It is designed for the busy executive, management or human resources professional not able to dedicate weeks and months of their business hours to pre-screening and interviewing.

This fast track program generally requires a time commitment of 1 ½ days by the executive, as the hiring process is extremely focused. To learn more about J. Kent’s Recruiting Program, call 303-777-7734 to speak with one of our Denver recruiters.


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