Denver Staffing Agency Hires HR/Payroll Specialist for Summit County Job

Denver Staffing Agency Hires HR/Payroll Specialist for Summit County Job


Human Resource / Payroll Specialist

Denver Staffing Agency Identifies Summit County Jobs

As a Denver staffing agency, J. Kent Staffing in Denver, Colorado is always trying to find good jobs for its qualified and highly educated temporary staff. At J. Kent, we work on a wide range of positions across all industries and sectors.  To that point, in order to find good jobs, focusing on identifying top companies in the Rocky Mountain Region is a paramount priority for our Staffing Managers.

A Good Summit County Job – 18 Week Professional Temporary Job

Good jobs are not always found in the greater Denver metro area as our Staffing Managers quickly recognized.  In mid-January, 2012, J. Kent Staffing was tapped by a Summit County construction materials company, after having little success on their own, and through other Summit County staffing agencies in identifying an experienced Human Resource Payroll Specialist.

What Created the Need for the Summit County Job? 

The organization’s tenured Human Resource/Payroll Specialist was scheduled for maternity leave in the next two weeks with no replacement lined up.  Our Summit County client, whose roots were established as a family owned business in 1876 and today maintains a payroll of 85-112 employees (12 corporate staff and 85-100 field personnel, seasonally adjusted), needed a qualified, competent individual immediately, as the transition time was running short.

Qualified and Experienced Human Resource/Payroll Specialist Hard to Find

As most business owners know that deal with full-cycle, payroll processing in house, finding a Full-Cycle Payroll Specialist is a challenge, even in a difficult economy such as we are currently experiencing.  However, finding one with general Human Resource knowledge and experience, combined with Payroll Specialist skills would be even more difficult.

Since time was of the essence, J. Kent’s experienced Staffing Manager, under pressure with such a short time-frame, conducted a focused search and recruiting effort. After much pre-screening and many interviews, within a 5 day window, J. Kent’s Staffing Manager found Betsy, a Human Resource/Payroll Specialist with 20 years’ experience in her field.  Betsy, with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado and previous experience as an Assistant Controller, Staff Accountant and Payroll Manager, along with exceptional computer and QuickBooks Pro skills, was identified by J. Kent’s Staffing Manager as the most qualified for this important, long term Summit County job.

Summit County Job Offered to 20 Year Human Resource/Payroll Specialist

Our Staffing Manager was thrilled to be able to offer Betsy this long term temporary opportunity which she gladly accepted. Why?  The job offer was wonderful, but that coupled with the fact that Betsy, her husband and son had previously lived in Breckenridge, CO and had planned to return, accomplished both the desire to live and work in Summit County. Therefore, after 10 years in Santa Barbara, California, her husband’s retirement from a very successful career, and the beginning of her son’s freshman year at Colorado State University, the opportunity presented was in the right place and at the right time. The job location was in Summit County, and the alignment with her professional career could not have been better.

Family of Great Skiers Move Back to the Colorado Rockies

Betsy, we know that you and your family are also thrilled just as our Staffing Manager was to find this opportunity for you.  Thrilled to be back in Colorado because you are a family of great skiers, and you love our beautiful and majestic Colorado Rockies.  We understand that your son, pictured with you here, is on Colorado State University’s Ski Team. Wow, what a great accomplishment!  Now that you are all back in the mountains, congratulations to you on your new job, your husband’s retirement, and congratulations to your son, a great Colorado skier.

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