Denver Staffing Agency - Hires Telecommunications Order Entry Specialist

Denver Staffing Agency - Hires Telecommunications Order Entry Specialist


Order Entry Specialist - Telecommunications Industry

When you combine robust, organic growth and the acquisition of new companies, the result is a fast track need for talent that from day one can make a sustainable difference to an organization.  Such is the case with one of J. Kent’s clients, a rapidly growing, national telecommunications company.

Denver Staffing Agency Provides Staff for Expanding U.S. Telecommunications Firm

Over the last few years, this progressive organization has found a national industry voice under the leadership of its forward-thinking, young co-founders, the CEO and Executive Chairman, and their dynamic executive team.  In search of the company’s need for immediate talent, J. Kent’s Staffing Manager found that recruiting and hiring exceptional staff for our client was a worthwhile and creditable endeavor as the company had received numerous honors and awards over the past few years, to include:

Denver Job Market Tough for CU-Boulder 2009 Graduate with Degree in Biochemistry and Economics 

As with many Denver job seekers, it was difficult to become gainfully employed in your field during the years 2009-2011, especially for recent college graduates trying to find their first entry level job.  Finding a job alone was a challenge; finding a job that paid real dollars was an elusive dream for some.  Living unemployed or underemployed was a reality for many job seekers, including Greg with his Bachelors of Science and major in biochemistry.  Although he had completed several unpaid internships and held various summer jobs, it still was not enough to find that entry level Denver job.

Greg Finds Warehouse Clerk Job in Construction Industry

Since jobs were difficult to come by, Greg, with a great attitude and a strong desire to work, accepted a job as a Warehouse Clerk and Light Laborer in the construction industry.  At the same time he also continued to take additional classes at CU-Boulder in Cell Biology, Nutrition, Genetics and Cancer Cell Biology.  Even though Greg was not able to work in his field of study, he was grateful to be employed and learned a lot during those two years

Denver Temporary Agency Hires Inventory Specialist for Information Technology Industry

It was in November 2011 that Greg approached J. Kent Staffing hoping to find temporary work so that he could gain professional business experience.  After having successfully completed The J. Kent Process, Greg’s Staffing Manager recognized that he was an excellent J. Kent Candidate and added him to the J. Kent Candidate Pool.  Subsequently he was hired for a variety of temporary assignments in several different industries including information technology, where he completed a 4 month assignment as an Inventory Specialist.

J. Kent Staffing Manager Conducts Performance Review 

Greg received excellent performance reviews on all of his J. Kent temporary assignments and was recognized and respected as a hard worker who was reliable, honest, and possessed a strong desire to work and learn.  Successful job performance and perfect attendance were documented by Greg’s Staffing Manager in his personnel file, as was his great attitude, willingness, flexibility and the ability to work successfully with a diverse workforce.

Excellent Performance Review is a Great Report Card 

Excellent performance reviews are a great report card and J. Kent’s Staffing Managers love to re-hire proven talent.  Therefore, it was not difficult for J. Kent’s Staffing Manager to choose the best candidate, Greg, for our rapidly growing telecommunications client‘s newly created position.  This one-year assignment would provide a foot in the door and consistent work in a professional corporate environment of a dynamic, growing company.

J. Kent Staffing Manager Hires Greg for Order Entry Specialist with National Telecommunications Firm

Not many of us make a seamless transition from graduation into our life’s work or passion, even if we wish it could be so.  Sometimes, such as during the challenging times of the Great Recession of 2008, we have to take a side road. However, with the right attitude, we can observe, learn and make new discoveries along the way.

Congratulations Greg; we look forward to following your career both in your job and on the golf course.  Post those scores!

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