Denver Staffing Agency – Human Resource Manager/PHR Certified Accepts Denver Job

Denver Staffing Agency – Human Resource Manager/PHR Certified Accepts Denver Job


Human Resource Manager - Oil and Gas, International

Human resource management in the 21st Century has come to the attention of business impelling career-minded Denver job seekers in that field to continue their education. There is no better way to demonstrate your interest in seeking career advancement or gaining greater knowledge in the field of Human Resource Management (HRM) then to obtain your PHR Certification.  A PHR Certification attests to your status as a Professional in Human Resources

International Oil and Gas Firm Seeks Human Resources Manager

J. Kent Staffing recently conducted a search engagement for an international oil and gas exploration company for Human Resource Manager, a position vacated after many years due to retirement of a tenured employee.  The Denver oil and gas firm is growing and expanding, and recruitment and human resource management of its Denver based and global staff called for a seasoned professional to lead the organization’s Human Resource Department and strategic recruitment efforts.

Human Resource Manager – Experience in Key Elements Required

In developing a detailed job description with the oil and gas firm’s key management, J. Kent’s Recruiters quickly identified that the position called for an experienced Human Resource professional with a solid generalist background in many of the key elements of Human Resource management and administration.  The human resource position, reporting to the company’s General Counsel was identified as pivotal to the growing and expanding organization with global reach. And, because of global outreach, the organization’s Human Resource Manager would also be responsible for the management of ex-pats working in eastern Europe and the Middle East. What were the key human resource elements required?

Contingency Search Identifies PHR Certified 15 Year Veteran

Since 1979, J. Kent Staffing, a Denver contingency search and retained search agency has maintained a Human Resource recruitment and search focus.   With this search assignment our Denver Recruiters had to find the right combination of experience, skills and talent for a growing company who was seeking a seasoned, hands-on Human Resource Manager with the ability and flexibility to lead and manage locally and internationally.  After an extensive search and recruitment effort, J. Kent Recruiters identified the right match for our client, Laura, PHR certified with 15 years of progressive human resource experience and a member of SHRM, Society of Human Resources Management.  (See definition of PHR below)

BA Industrial/Organizational Psychology and 15 Years’ Progressive Human Resource Experience

Laura, a native of St. Louis, MO graduated in 1997 from the University of Missouri with a B.A., Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a minor in Business Administration.  After graduation from college she began to build her human resource career.  Her first job was Human Resources Representative, working for two years in the hospitality industry.  The next career move propelled Laura into the healthcare industry.  As the organization’s Human Resources Generalist/Employment Specialist she was responsible for nationwide recruiting of physicians, nurses, and support staff for military hospitals and clinics.  In this capacity she was also responsible for providing human resources administration for 200+ employees.

Human Resource Managers – Today’s Strategic Business Partner

Continuing to move forward, Laura then accepted a challenging Human Resource Consultant position with a national health services organization.  Having gained significant depth and knowledge in human resource management, Laura was then offered the position of Human Resources Manager for a large manufacturing firm where the organization viewed her position as one of a strategic business partner.  In this capacity she was responsible for the oversight and management of the company’s Human Resource department, reporting directly to the CEO.

PHR Certified – Professional in Human Resources

PHR stands for Professional in Human Resources, a designation earned by people working in HR after spending a period of time in that field and taking an examination that is based on specified course materials. A PHR is awarded by the Human Resource Certification Institute, the organization that has established a standard of excellence in the field of human relations.

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