Denver Staffing Agency - MBA Gets Top Denver Administrative Assistant Job

Denver Staffing Agency - MBA Gets Top Denver Administrative Assistant Job


Administrative Assistant - Global Solar Energy Firm

A search for an Executive Assistant or Office Manager with “just the right fit” takes a great deal of time for any Denver staffing agency or Colorado recruiting firm.

Since 1979, J. Kent Staffing, a woman-owned, DBE/SBE certified and GSA contract holder has recognized that most of our C-level executives look for their Executive Assistant to be someone with strong technical and people skills but also that understands how to:

  1. exercise authority and work independently,
  2. have the ability to make decisions, but most importantly,
  3. have the ability and judgment required to direct the executives’ time and attention while at the same moment,
  4. exercise discretion when dealing with confidential business matters.

Therefore, when a J. Kent C-level executive client finds “just the “right fit” with their culture, management, intellect, business and personal style, it is readily acknowledged “that a truly professional and experienced Executive Assistant is priceless”.

Denver Solar Energy Office – Propelled by Kyoto Protocol & Germany’s Renewable Energy Act

J. Kent’s client, a global, publicly traded German enterprise, specializing in the development and manufacturing of solar and renewable energy products, recently opened its U.S. headquarters in Denver, Colorado. In Germany, the introduction of the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) has subsequently propelled the company into global distribution and sales of its climate protection products manufactured in Germany and China.

Furthermore, motivated by the Kyoto Protocol our “green” client also has a very strong desire to contribute positively to the energy sources of the future, by opening a U.S. operation thus making its product more readily available to the U.S. consumer. Denver, with its airport in the middle of the country, was the perfect spot to launch their U.S. operation.

U.S. Denver Headquarters Seeking “Just the Right Fit”  

The new U.S. executive officer of the company’s very busy, Denver sales subsidiary traveled extensively.   It was readily recognized that in order for the Denver operation to meet their sales goals, the office had to be functioning at high efficiency and productivity at all times.  Furthermore, since the organization is led by an experienced management team with high expectations, backgrounds in economics and years of experience in the field of renewable energies, a qualified Denver Executive Assistant with “just the right fit” and technical skills would be required to manage and coordinate the high volume Denver sales office.

MBA With International Business Focus Get the Denver Job Offer

Although J. Kent recruiters conducted an extensive search presenting several candidates, it was Jan that received the job offer. She is extremely well educated with extensive business experience and exceptional people skills.  Intuitive, outgoing, highly detail-oriented with over the top organizations skills, the executive team fully recognized that she was “just the right fit” for their global organization.  Jan, a Denver native is exceptional; here is just a glimpse of her resume:

Congratulations, Jan.  We hear you are doing a great job!

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