Denver Staffing Agency - Office Manager Hired for Non-Profit with Global Reach

Denver Staffing Agency - Office Manager Hired for Non-Profit with Global Reach


Office Manager - Nonprofit with Global Reach

As Denver non-profits have become much more sophisticated in their day to day operations, attracting top talent for non-profit staff positions has become a priority.

Today, successful non-profits have well-defined processes in place, strong development teams making “the ask”, strategic marketing experts getting the word out, and top professionals performing financial operations.  Generally, in Denver, Colorado all these operational components are under the dynamic leadership of a highly respected and well connected executive team.

Non-profits in 2014 perform more like well-run for profit corporations if they are going to compete and survive. Why? In a macro sense, they all compete for charitable donations, although in their own microcosm they may be working toward a specific cause or goal unique to their 501C-3.

Denver Non-Profits Seek Strong Culture Match

Denver staffing agencies and Colorado recruiters are often asked to provide talent for both executive or staff positions. Well recognized non-profits are demanding the “complete candidate package” when it comes to hiring new staff members. The biggest challenge, of course is still finding qualified talent that is the right culture match.

Denver Foundation’s CFO Works Closely with J. Kent’s Recruiters During Search Process

Recently J. Kent Staffing was tapped to conduct a search for an Office Manager for one of Denver’s top non-profits. The organization has national as well as global reach, and the newly created position was going to be a key hire. Although the job title for this Denver job is Office Manager, the executive team strongly believes that the pivotal position should be and will be the foundation’s public-facing Ambassador. Over the years, our client, an advocate for equality has invested $150 million in hundreds of high-impact nonprofits throughout the world. With this ongoing focus, during the search process, the executive team, under the exceptional leadership of the foundation’s Denver Chief Financial Officer (CFO), worked closely with J. Kent’s Denver Recruiters.

Non-Profit CFO Uses Temporary Staffing Model to Evaluate Essential Functions of Newly Created Position

Over a period of several months the CFO utilized J. Kent’s temporary staffing model in order to evaluate the diverse and essential functions that were needed by the foundation. After observing how the many, newly structured functions were executed by J. Kent’s temporary staff, the CFO completed the position evaluation, wrote the corresponding job description and the Denver non-profit was now ready to begin the search. An intense, but necessary process.

Overview of Office Manager Position

Newly created Office Manager position is the foundation’s public-facing Ambassador. The position will report directly to the CFO. Using business best practices, Office Manager will be charged with the following primary responsibilities: office management, facilities management, community meeting space management, building security, vendor management, front-line customer service; project management, administrative and accounting support.

Hard Qualifications

Soft Qualifications

Denver Non-Profit Office Manager Job Accepted by San Diego State Business Graduate 

J. Kent’s Recruiters are seasoned veterans who understand the complexities and nuances unique to a non-profit search. After several months, the search was concluded and Denver native, Priscilla was offered the position.

There were many superb, well qualified candidates but Priscilla was the right match and cultural fit. With 10 years of well-rounded and tested business experience and excellent references, Priscilla met all of the position’s requirements. However, what set Priscilla apart was her outstanding, committed work ethic, exceptional people skills as well as an insatiable thirst for knowledge and on-going learning opportunities.

Congratulations, Priscilla!

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