Denver Staffing Agency - Temporary Accountants Bridge Gap in Unfilled Positions

Denver Staffing Agency - Temporary Accountants Bridge Gap in Unfilled Positions



Denver accountants and financial specialists are recruited by staffing agencies and corporate enterprises of every size across all industries and sectors.  At J. Kent Staffing we recruit professional accounting and financial talent on a daily basis

Temporary Accountants Bridge Gaps in Unfilled Position

And the need is no greater than when an employee resigns or an unexpected vacancy occurs, and new, qualified talent has not been able to be identified.This is the time Denver employers opt for a temporary staffing solution to bridge the gap until the new accounting talent is hired.


Video Production Company – Utilizes Temporary Staffing Option

Such was the case recently for one of our Denver employers.  Our client, a video production company, with global reach, and a large employee base was unable to find full-time accounting help to replace a tenured, experienced Senior Accountant. Although a search had been conducted, the talent needed for their specific and unique operation was elusive.The organization’s management, therefore, reached out to J. Kent Staffing, and placed and order for the accounting talent that was needed immediately.


9 Year Accounting Professional Hired for 3 Month Temporary Assignment

It was quickly recognized that time was of the essence and overlap training was required.  After reviewing several candidates that have completed the J. Kent Process, and therefore in our Accounting Candidate Pool, J. Kent’s Staffing Manager hired an experienced Accountant, Cathryn for our client.  Cathryn had been working for one of the “big four” accounting firms on the east coast, and had made the decision to move back to Denver, Colorado. With her extensive client relationship, employee management and accounting experience, J. Kent’s Staffing Manager realized after the 1st interview the she would be capable of making and immediate difference to our client’s accounting operations.  Here are Cathryn’s qualifications:


J. Kent’s Temporary Accountant Transitions as New Employee “On-boards”

The Denver temporary accounting assignment lasted for three months until the new Accountant was hired.  During the three months assignment our client was able to keep their accounting operations efficient and timely.  And, when the new Accountant was “on-boarded” the transition was supportive, smooth and professional.

J. Kent has great accounting staff.  Thank you Cathryn for your work on this Denver temporary accounting assignment!

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