Denver Temp Agency Hires Data Analyst/Engineering Technician for Oil/Gas Firm

Denver Temp Agency Hires Data Analyst/Engineering Technician for Oil/Gas Firm


Data Analyst / Engineering Technician - Oil and Gas

A booming U.S. oil and gas sector was responsible for generating some 9 percent of all new jobs last year, with three indirect jobs for every one directly involved in the industry, according to a study released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) report, reported in a Reuters article, Wednesday, March 7, 2012. The report said the oil and gas industry contributed 37,000 direct jobs in 2011, which led to the creation of an additional 111,000 indirect jobs during the same period.  Wow! This is good news as new job creation is one of the most important drivers to move our stalled economy forward.

Denver Oil and Gas Jobs are Well Paid Compared to Other Industry Sectors

Denver oil and gas jobs are well paid for the highly skilled worker as compared to jobs in other industry sectors. Therefore, when our Denver Staffing Managers were charged with finding a top Engineering Technician / Data Analyst for our oil and gas client, they rose to the challenge of identifying candidates for this unique position.

Denver Oil / Gas Firms Seeks Data Analyst / Engineering Technician for 6-8 Month Temporary Job

Our client, an oil and natural gas exploration and production company with corporate offices in Oklahoma operates three district offices in the U.S.; the newest being Denver. Although the Denver office was established in 2009, due to the economy, the Engineering Technician/Data Analyst position was left unfilled. In Q1 2012, with the workload increasing and several large projects contracted, the Development Manager/Reservoir Engineer in charge of the Denver office recognized that the timing was right to bring on a temporary Engineering Technician/Data Analyst for 6-8 month period, specifically to provide project support. Vetting several staffing firms including J. Kent Staffing through a Google search, the Development Manager engaged J. Kent Staffing to conduct a search and make the hire.

Denver Reservoir Engineering Willing to Mentor, Train, Teach and Develop Young Professional

What was so unique about this opportunity is that the Development Manager/Reservoir Engineering was viewing this position much like an internship. He was looking to mentor, train, teach and develop a bright, inquisitive individual with analytical and critical thinking skills, and has a strong desire to learn about the oil and gas industry.  Here are some of his requirements:

Art History Major Competes for Analytical Oil and Gas Sector Student/Teacher Opportunity

Emily, with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History, did not have the typical degree for an Engineering Technician/Data Analyst position. A graduate of The University of Kansas, Emily received her degree in 2008. In 2007, during her junior year she studied abroad in Florence, Italy and Paris, France as art history was her passion. Unfortunately, the Great Recession of 2008 and her diploma arrived almost at the same time, making the search for that first entry-level job more than challenging.

After working in Lawrence, Kansas for several years as an art gallery Display Designer and Executive Assistant to the VP of a large manufacturing concern, Emily decided to move to Denver to pursue a new job.  With the Denver unemployment rate still above 8 percent jobs were scarce.  But with a strong work ethic and a desire to experience new environments and industries, she quickly supported herself by working for several staffing companies. Through her various assignments she became exposed to and intrigued by the oil and gas industry. The allure was understandable with the domestic U.S. oil and gas industry in the midst of one of the biggest booms in a generation.

J. Kent Staffing Manager Hires Emily for Temporary Job with Full-Time Potential

Although Emily competed for this coveted temporary assignment against other highly qualified candidates, some with scientific degrees, others with degrees from prestigious schools such as the University of California, Berkeley, it was Emily who was offered and accepted this unique, student/teacher opportunity. Emily was chosen by our client for her work ethic, advanced MS Office skills, and her intense desire to learn about the oil and gas industry sector.  Well done Emily!

Why is the U.S. in the Biggest Oil Boom in a Generation?

The domestic U.S. oil and gas industry is in the midst of the its biggest boom in a generation, with hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technology unlocking billions of barrels of oil and decades’ worth of natural gas from previously untappable tight coal seam fissures.

Source:   Reuters Article March 7, 2012 – Energy Jobs

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