Denver Temporary Employment Results in Full-Time Job with Top Salary & Benefits

Denver Temporary Employment Results in Full-Time Job with Top Salary & Benefits


Receptionist (Oil & Gas)

Denver Oil & Gas Company Strategically Uses Temporary Staffing Option

Established in 1969, our client, a mid-sized, independent oil and gas company had experienced significant growth in 2010.   This publicly traded company has a national presence but is based in Denver, Colorado, and has been using J. Kent to support their Denver staffing and recruiting needs since 2009.  In November, 2011 they contacted J. Kent Staffing, a Denver employment agency and Denver temporary staffing firm, to fill a two day temporary receptionist need.

What Created the Need for a 2 Day Temporary Receptionist Assignment?

The company’s current receptionist was taking a few days off, thus the temporary staffing request.  However, unbeknownst to Kristie, our client had just promoted their receptionist to Denver Division Order Clerk and therefore, they were going to be hiring a replacement due to promotion.  Within hours, J. Kent’s Staffing Manager hired Kristie, a former PreK-8 art teacher for this public contact, people-oriented Receptionist job in downtown Denver, Colorado.

Former Teacher Open to Denver Temporary Jobs to Broaden Skills & Gain Business Experience

A former art teacher, Kristie was seeking new career opportunities and looking to gain further administrative and business experience through temporary work. Her positive attitude, down to earth personality and diverse skills made her an excellent J. Kent Temporary Employee.  In this tough Denver economy, Kristie happily and gratefully  accepted the temporary assignment offered with little advanced notice.  Impressed by Kristie’s upbeat personality, ability to learn quickly and her computer skills, our client approached J. Kent’s Staffing Manager to discuss our employee’s interest in a possible Temp-to-Hire opportunity.

Art Teacher Accepts J. Kent’s Temp-to-Hire Opportunity 

J. Kent’s Staffing Manager having worked closely with Kristie through The J. Kent Process, reviewed the possible Temp-to-Hire opportunity with Kristie to include a salary range for the position, company benefits and culture, expectations, direct report etc.  Kristie, new to the Denver, Colorado area, recognized the opportunity to possibly work for an A+ Denver firm with the prospect of learning about the oil and gas industry, and was thrilled to accept J. Kent’s new Temp-to-Hire job offer.  Here is what J. Kent’s Staffing Manager identified in Kristie that made her a great candidate for employment with J. Kent Staffing:

2 Day Temp Assignment Results in Full-Time Denver Job with Top Salary & Benefits

Kristie’s Temp-to-Hire period has ended and she is now a FTE (full-time employee) of our client.  Kristie completed The J. Kent Process on November 3, 2011 and was hired by J. Kent’s Staffing Manager to begin the 2 day Receptionist Assignment on November 9, 2011.  On December 19, 2011 she started her full-time employment receiving outstanding benefits and a higher salary than anticipated.  Congratulations Kristie!  Temp-to-Hire employment has enabled you to join a historically stable company that is growing and expanding, and also recognizes personal productivity through promotion and advancement.

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