Grants Administrator Hired by Denver Nonprofit Foundation w/ Healthcare Mission

Grants Administrator Hired by Denver Nonprofit Foundation w/ Healthcare Mission


Grants Administrator

A highly respected, well established, Denver based, healthcare fundraising foundation was looking to replace their Grants Administrator, a seasoned and tenured 10 year employee.  The CEO and Director of Communications recognized the replacement position as critical to the foundation, since most of their fundraising efforts are accomplished through grants.

Testing the Local Market for Top Denver Grants Administrator

The foundation engaged J. Kent Staffing to conduct a Direct Hire Search for the replacement position.  Prior to commencing the search, J. Kent conducted extensive research, developed a comprehensive job description to be used as the search map, tested the market for qualified Grants Administrators in the greater Denver metro area in order to validate that the requirements sought by our client were aligned with the compensation offered, wrote a search plan for the local market, and subsequently executed a search targeting talent in the Denver, metro area since finding  talent in our local market was our client’s first preference

200 Candidates Reviewed – 6 Presented to the CEO

After a three week search, 200+ candidates were prescreened, tested and reviewed for the foundation’s critical position; the final selection and qualifying period to identify top talent to meet foundation’s requirements was exhausting and extensive.  As a result, 6 qualified candidates were selected and presented to the foundation’s hiring authorities, the CEO and Director of Communications.

Mission, Vision & Values Aligned  – 15 Years’ Nonprofit Experience

Ronya, with more than 15 years’ experience in grant writing and fundraising working for private and nonprofit organizations received the Denver job offer.  Ronya’s broad and well rounded background in public health, global health initiatives, governmental agencies, the arts and women’s issues both in the US and overseas was a big draw for the foundation.  All candidates were exceptional, but Ronya’s nonprofit experience and proven success in grant writing and fundraising, two degrees, a strong work ethic and exceptional people and communication skills clearly aligned with the foundation’s mission, vision and values.

Today, Ronya manages the entire grants process for this top Denver foundation, raising more than $1.7 million per year.  She has quickly become a valued and respected member of the foundation’s team who draw upon her depth and knowledge of grant writing, its unique process and intricacies in helping the foundation reach and accomplish its goal.  Ronya, we are happy that you have decided to make Denver your home; you make an outstanding contribution to the foundation and the Denver nonprofit community.

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