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Industrial/Organizational Psychologist Hired as Test Developer


Test Developer

At J. Kent Staffing, we love the diversity of our corporate clients and the challenge and excitement of learning about so many different industries and positions.

One of our unique, long-term clients works to develop, administer, and maintain licensure and certification programs for state boards and professional designations. They staff Psychometricians and Test Developers who create tests and assessments for a wide variety of industries that assess the knowledge and skills of various professionals.

Since 2017 we have supported their Denver office with an array of administrative support roles but, this past summer, were called upon to conduct a temp-to-hire search for a Test Developer to work under and assist their team of Psychometricians.

Meet D.J., I-O Psychologist and Test Developer

D.J. grew up in the Denver Metro area and attended the University of Colorado in Boulder where he received his BA in Economics and Business Administration in 2001. He then embarked on a career in sales, which included 14 years working for an international company. During this tenure, he lived and worked in Argentina for 6 years, with additional travel throughout Mexico and Spain.

He returned to Colorado in 2011 and continued to work for the same organization before deciding to further his education at Colorado State University, where he attained his Master of Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology in 2018. His interests in I-O psychology are expatriate assessment, selection, training, and cross-cultural communication, and he has remained active volunteering on various committees in the I-O psychology community.

Search for Test Developer Halted, Only to Resurface Again One Month Later

D.J. was originally submitted by his J. Kent Staffing Recruiter on the Test Developer role in August 2023. At that time, our client had identified another candidate through their own efforts who they ended up hiring.

One month later, our client circled back to J. Kent Staffing to see if D.J. was still available. Their business was thriving, and they needed an additional Test Developer. D.J. was still in the job market, so this time was able to interview with our client and was subsequently offered the role of Test Developer which he started in a temp-to-hire capacity in early October.

We were thrilled to help D.J. make the career transition into his field of choice!

D.J. has a passion for travel and a curiosity about different cultures and how they shape people’s values. In his spare time, he enjoys reading about psychology, collecting music, and playing jazz guitar.

D.J. – Congratulations on your new and exciting career position!

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