Insurance Benefits Specialist, Denver, Colorado

Insurance Specialist Starts New Job 6 Days After Interviewing with J. Kent Staffing


COBRA Benefits Generalist

Tracy relocated to Colorado from Illinois in April 2021 to join her sister and nephew. With over 20 years of insurance industry experience, she immediately started applying for Denver jobs.

One of J. Kent Staffing’s new clients is a Denver-based employer that provides COBRA administration services to over 2,000 employers nationally. The signing of the American Rescue Plan, providing COBRA premium assistance to qualified individuals, resulted in significant growth for our client and they needed to hire a COBRA Benefits Generalist to supplement their existing team of 13 employees.

Tracy’s compassionate, customer-focused approach resonated clearly in her first and only interview with our client. She received a job offer that very same day and started her new position the following Monday.

Since starting her job in early May, Tracy has quickly become an integral part of our client’s team and she recently passed her COBRA exam – a requirement for the position.

Congratulations, Tracy!

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