Emily and Tyler

COVID-19 Testing Center Staff

J. Kent Staffing Payrolls 20 COVID Testing Center Employees at Sites Throughout Colorado

Emily and Tyler

COVID-19 Testing Center Staff - Fort Collins

Chances are – you or someone you know is familiar with our client. Mako Medical is a national health care diagnostic laboratory specializing in helping individuals take control of their healthcare by offering accurate COVID-19 testing and quick results. They operate COVID-19 testing facilities throughout the country, with a significant presence in Colorado.

In August 2021, Mako Medical and J. Kent Staffing (“J. Kent”) created a business partnership where J. Kent would provide employee payrolling services for employees working at Mako Medical testing centers throughout Colorado – from Denver to Frisco to Fort Collins.

What is Payrolling?

Mako Medical recruited and identified the staff, and J. Kent interviewed, background checked, hired, and onboarded the employees. J. Kent Staffing is the Employer of Record and has full employer responsibilities including hiring, terminations, weekly payroll, payroll tax withholdings, unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance, and issuing of annual W-2’s.

J. Kent hired approximately 20 employees to work in 8 different Covid-19 testing sites throughout Colorado. Testing sites range from large venues such as Dick’s Sporting Goods Park to local churches. Each J. Kent team member was cross-trained in 3 different roles – 1) registration and check-in, 2) traffic control, and 3) swabbing/testing.

We are proud to say that, since the beginning of the project, several of our team members have been promoted to Assistant Site Lead, or Site Lead roles.

Meet 2 Team Members Working in the Fort Collins Location

Emily: A Texas native, Emily relocated to Denver in early 2021, and later moved further north to Fort Collins to be closer to family in that area. Emily’s background is primarily in retail and hospitality. Her friendly and upbeat personality easily lends itself to interacting well with people – an important requirement for testing center staff.

Tyler: He recently relocated to Colorado from Georgia to join his fiancé who is from Fort Collins. Tyler is a techy at heart and builds computers as a hobby; he hopes to someday work in the IT field. Tyler’s retail background has helped him develop excellent customer service skills which are called upon daily in his current role.

J. Kent Staffing extends sincere thanks and gratitude to Mako Medical, and to all our employees working at Colorado COVID-19 testing center sites for their hard work and dedication!

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