Part-Time Office Assistant, Denver, CO

Retired Project Manager Starts Photography Business and Supplements Retirement Income with Temp Work


Part-Time, Temporary Office Assistant

Retirement means something different to everyone. For many, it allows for time to follow your passions and interests.

In 2015, Tom accepted a voluntary separation package from his employer and retired from a successful project management career. He soon began to devote more time to his lifelong interest in fine art photography, and in 2019 he formalized these pursuits into an LLC.

Still with plenty of time on his hands, Tom connected with J. Kent Staffing to further supplement his retirement income with part-time temporary work. Over the past 14 months, Tom has completed a variety of assignments from data entry to market research/data collection to working as a scoring juror for high school students doing mock trial simulations. He even helped our J. Kent Staffing team with a photography project! Since August 2020, Tom has been a Part-Time Office Assistant for one of our construction clients.

All of our corporate customers have enjoyed and benefited from Tom’s positive, can-do attitude, and overall business experience. Not to mention, Tom is one of our most highly educated team members with two advanced degrees – an MS in Industrial Engineering and an MBA. It is people like Tom who we are proud to call a J. Kent Staffing Employee.

Thank you, Tom, for your continuous help and dedication to so many of our J. Kent client companies!

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