Nonprofit Operations Manager, Denver, Colorado

Returning J. Kent Employee Offered Permanent Job After Two Weeks of Temporary Work


Operations Manager

Danae, a proud Denver native, first started working as a J. Kent Staffing Associate in 2017. In 2018, she was hired by one of our tech clients after showcasing her talents for two months as a temporary Receptionist. Over the next five years, Danae continued to advance her career in operations in the tech sector before getting laid off in 2023.

Ready for a fresh start, Danae reconnected with J. Kent Staffing in 2024. After a successful interview with our new nonprofit client, she began a long-term temporary Office Manager position. This was a potential foot-in-the-door opportunity and Danae was excited to check out a new industry and one that was making a difference in her community. Operating out of a local church, our client works closely with religious organizations and local communities – transcending race, class, and language barriers – to strengthen the quality of life for families, children, and neighbors.

Job Offers Galore!

During her second week on the job, Danae received a job offer from a tech company she had previously interviewed with. In the short time she was on assignment with our client, Danae had once again made herself stand out as an exceptional employee. In addition to having both a BA in Communications and a BS in Computer Information Software, Danae had exceptional technical skills and a can-do, positive attitude!

The Executive Director did not want to lose Danae to another job offer.

After in-depth discussions with Danae about the organization’s goals and the Executive Director’s vision of how Danae could help them achieve those goals, Danae had yet another job offer to decide on.

In the end, even though the monetary offer with the nonprofit company was far less than her other job offer, Danae accepted the offer with our client. She was excited about growing her skillset and experience in a new industry, and all the plans and projects that had been mapped out for her there as the new Operations Manager.

Outside of work, Danae is a total “foodie” and enjoys many different activities including hiking, golfing, and singing!

WOW – Very Impressive, Danae!

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