Office/Operations Manager, Denver, Colorado

Soft Skills and Cultural Match Prevail in Office/Operations Manager Hire


Office/Operations Manager

For a small business, it’s always difficult to replace a key manager who has been with the company for many years and knows the business inside and out. J. Kent Staffing has worked with our client, a manufacturers’ representative for engineering equipment, for two decades.

This time, we were tasked with helping them find a replacement for our primary client contact over the years. Their Operations Manager was marrying and relocating to California (congratulations, Jeannie!). This position is truly the glue to their office. In addition to supporting the President and providing essential sales reporting and analysis, they also are responsible for managing and backing-up the team of Sales Administrators who support their commissioned sales representatives – all professional engineers.

The hard qualifications absolutely had to be there but, in the end, it was Heidi’s soft skills that prevailed over the other finalists. As shown in her photo of a recent trip to southern Colorado, Heidi has a zest for life and her openness, effervescence, and approachability was what set her apart from her competition!

We are certain that Heidi’s 20 years of operations and management experience in Colorado’s construction industry, and willingness to wear many different hats along the way, will be invaluable to her new employer.

All the best to you in your new job, Heidi!

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