Warehouse Associate, Denver, CO

Versatile Warehouse Professional Hired By Denver-Based Bioscience Firm


Shipping / Facilities Maintenance

Temp-to-Hire Staffing is an excellent way for companies to be able to observe someone “on-the-job” for several months before hiring them on as their employee. Interviews, skills testing, and references attest to much of the vetting process, but there’s nothing more telling than actually seeing it for yourself.

Meet Jerome – Hired April 2021 By J. Kent’s Client After a 4 Month Temp-to-Hire Period:

Originally from Iowa, Jerome moved to Colorado in 2015 and brought his strong mid-west work ethic along with him! After moving to Denver, he worked for 5 years for a packaging company as a Shipping and Warehouse Technician. Previous to that his roles were also very hands-on, including technician positions with irrigation and sprinkler systems, and gutter installations.

Jerome’s experience with shipping quickly made him the top candidate for our client’s temp-to-hire opening. Our client manufactures and ships scientific products and kits used by medical research facilities located all over the world. With up to 25 shipments/day, the shipping function is a high priority and very time-sensitive. In addition to shipping and receiving, Jerome also manages building and facilities contractors, and is responsible for general warehouse maintenance, and minor in-house repairs and upkeep.

During Denver’s large snowstorm in March 2021, Jerome demonstrated his strong work ethic and willingness to go above and beyond. With a normal schedule of Monday-Friday, Jerome put in a full day of work on Sunday doing snow removal to ensure the facility was prepared for their staff to return to the office.

Jerome – your hard work and dedication is recognized and appreciated. Congratulations on a job well done!

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