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Test Your Knowledge – 10 Interesting Denver Facts!

Posted by: Emma Berdanier on March 22nd, 2018

2nd Edition – Denver Fun Facts Quiz

As a woman-owned Denver staffing agency since 1979, J. Kent Staffing loves the rich history of Denver and the new milestones that are continually shaping our great town. Settlers were attracted here because of the discovery of gold, but Denver continues to lure present-day settlers with the closeby mountains, 300 days of sunshine annually, 7 professional sports teams, 2nd largest performing arts center and the largest city park system in the U.S.


Whether you’re a Denver native or new to the city, here are 10 interesting pieces of Denver trivia to have fun with!

NO PEEKING! (answers below)


1. Which women’s event in the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang has an athlete who was born (Littleton), raised (Lakewood), and attended high school (Green Mountain) – all in the Denver metro area?


a.  Cross-Country Skiing
b.  Ice Hockey
c.  Snowboarding
d.  Bobsled


2. Denver was the home of the very first Chipotle Restaurant, which opened in:


a.  1993
b.  1998
c.  2003
d.  2008


3. In 1902, the police at Denver Union Station started enforcing a no ____________ rule on platforms because it slowed down the trains:


a.  whistling
b.  laughing
c.  hugging
d.  kissing


4. Three towns came together to assume the name of Denver. Which was NOT one of them?


a.  Montana City
b.  Colorado City
c.  St. Charles
d.  Auraria


5. William McGaa, one of the first settlers of Denver, named several downtown Denver streets, including Wewatta and Wazee, which were also the names of his:


a.  2 favorite daughters
b.  2 favorite horses
c.  wife & mistress
d.  grandmother & mother


6. Louis Ballast, Denver citizen and owner of the Humpty-Dumpty Barrell Drive-In, trademarked the term _______________ in 1935:


a.  Rocky Mountain Oysters
b.  Corn dog
c.  Milkshake
d.  Cheeseburger


7. Which device was invented by concert violinist Frank Marugg in 1944 in Denver?


a.  record player
b.  seat belt
c.  car tire clamp/boot
d.  electric tuner


8. A crazy Colorado law on the books:  in Denver, it is unlawful to lend your ________________ to your neighbor.


a.  vacuum cleaner
b.  shovel
c.  car
d.  camera


9. According to the Denver Business Journal, which professional Denver athlete is NOT in the top 5 highest paid (for the 2017-2018 season)?


a.  Paul Millsap, Denver Nuggets, Power Forward
b.  Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado Rockies, Right Field
c.  Charlie Blackmon, Colorado Rockies, Center Field
d.  Von Miller, Denver Broncos, Outside Linebacker


10. Denver’s unemployment rate as of 2/5/2018 is (hint – the national unemployment rate is 4.1%):


a.  2.2%
b.  2.8%
c.  3.6%
d.  4.3%



Answer Key:

1. b |  2. a |  3. d |  4. b  |  5. c |  6. d  |  7. c |  8. a |  9. c | 10. b