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The Best Interview Questions When Hiring for a Remote Position

Posted by: Karen Booher on October 22nd, 2020

Hiring is challenging enough, but there are added complexities when hiring for virtual or work-from-home positions. Even with the best monitoring systems and quotas to ensure productivity and accountability, a manager who doesn’t see their employees everyday needs to be able to trust that their remote employees are working hard.

I recently read an article by Kevin Sheridan – a keynote speaker, leadership consultant, and best-selling author on employee engagement and effective management, that offered some great ideas for interview questions when hiring remote workers. He states that there are 4 characteristics that are common with the best virtual workers: self-starters, self-motivated, self-disciplined, and self-sufficient. Following are a list of interview questions to help identify these successful traits.

General Questions

Identifying Self-Starters and Self-Motivators

Identifying the Self-Disciplined Worker

Identifying the Self-Sufficient Worker

The Art of Interviewing

Of course, you won’t ask all of these questions, and some questions may align better with your interviewing style and corporate culture than others. Find the ones that work well for you, and be sure to ask all candidates the same questions when possible so that you have a good comparison as to how they responded.

Interviewing is an art, and your interviewing technique needs to be continuously refined and changed based on many different factors – the level of the position, the type of role, and in today’s changing business environment, whether it is a remote or in-office based position.


HR News Library, 10/21/2020. “Best Interview Questions for Virtual Jobs”, by Kevin Sheridan.

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