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The Recruitment and Interview Process – an Important Look Into Your Company’s Culture

Posted by: Karen Booher on February 5th, 2022

Your company culture is very important to potential candidates!

According to a recent Cappfinity survey, conducted on its behalf by YouGov*, 80% of job seekers feel it’s important to understand a company’s culture before accepting a job offer. The survey aimed to gauge American job seeker experiences over a one-year period beginning November 2020, and demonstrated we are entering a new era of hiring; one where a candidate-first approach can help guide hiring managers and recruiters. Not only do job seekers want to know the salary, benefits, and career-building opportunities, it showed that today’s workers expect to be valued and are paying close attention to whether a prospective employer can deliver on this.

The Candidate Experience Survey shed new light on the importance of the candidate’s experience during the recruitment and interview process. 56% of respondents report abandoning at least one recruiting process within the past year. The top five reasons candidates opted-out are:

Survey respondents also weighed in on the top ways that hiring companies and recruiters kept candidates engaged during the interview/hiring process. These included providing the candidate with:

The candidate experience remains critically important today, with many organizations struggling not only to retain existing talent, but also the talent in their hiring pipelines. What is your organization doing to embrace a candidate-first approach?

*The survey was conducted online between November 18-22, 2021. The total sample size was 3,703 adults aged 18+, of whom 1,155 interviewed for a job in the previous 12 months.


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