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What is Important to the Class of 2022?

Posted by: Karen Booher on April 20th, 2022

It’s still prime time for recruiting graduates from the Class of 2022! Today’s college graduates have spent up to half of their college experience in a pandemic, so what was important to graduates five years ago is different than what is important to them today.

A survey of more than 2,500 upcoming 2022 graduates was recently conducted by LaSalle Network, a national staffing, recruiting, and culture firm. In their report, “What the Class of 2022 Wants”, they asked what graduates are seeking most in a role and company.

A Snapshot of the Findings

2022 graduates list company culture, benefits, and location as the top three most important factors when evaluating a company to work for.

A hybrid work schedule is most attractive to many 2022 graduates. 60% stated they would prefer a hybrid schedule, working 2-3 days remotely per week. Only 11% of respondents stated they want to work remote full-time. They like the flexibility of being able to work remotely, but also see the value of being in the office – whether it be to learn from others, form connections with peers, or make up for some of the in-person experience they missed out on in college during the pandemic.

Top benefits graduates are seeking include medical coverage, dental insurance, and a 401(k) match.

Top perks include flexible hours, in-office perks (catered lunches, pool tables, company-hosted happy hours), and the ability to work some of the time remotely.

A sense of belonging. 40% of survey respondents reported one of their top concerns was not feeling a sense of belonging within their team and organization. Because this graduating class spent much of their college career in the pandemic and various stages of social restriction, they are now seeking a workplace where they can build positive relationships, make friends, and laugh and grow alongside others.

Growth opportunities. Not only is career progression wanted, it is expected to come quickly. 40% of survey respondents expect their first promotion within the first year on the job.

Desired compensation reported by 2022 graduates:

What Can Employers Do To Attract Top Talent?

Market Company Culture. As 2022 graduates are internet and social media natives, companies should be showcasing company culture and culture-building events on social media. Ask for Glassdoor and Google ratings. Highlight culture-based awards and philanthropy opportunities. Be an advocate for supporting various employee-led clubs. Produce relevant content (blogs, reports, webinars). Be sure to talk about your positive office environment and team dynamics during the interview process.

Highlight Growth Opportunities. Ensure growth opportunities are highlighted in job descriptions, job postings, as well as throughout the interview process. When possible, pull in team members into interviews who have had strong career progression to help showcase growth.

Offer Competitive Salaries. Although there are many other driving factors, salary will always be an important consideration for graduates. Depending on the graduate’s skillset and role targeted, their salary expectations may or not be realistic. If hiring managers are unable to meet a candidate’s salary expectations, they should highlight growth and developmental opportunities, company culture, and other perks and benefits that could keep candidates interested.


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