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Every industry needs managers at the helm, leading the business and office to success. These roles typically take on more responsibility than other roles in an office setting. These professionals have supervisory powers and ensure not only that the office functions properly, but that every staff member is doing their job. While not everyone in these positions has disciplinary powers, many do. Even those that don’t can work with employees to find solutions to problems and can delegate tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of the office.

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J. Kent Staffing prides itself on its ability to staff these higher-level roles. Recently we staffed a General Manager for an aviation company – a wonderful example of our successes! Though these roles can be difficult to fill, our extensive vetting process allows us to match the right candidate with the right role. For these higher-level roles that provide essential business functions, our Recruiters’ expertise allows us to fill them with candidates who will stand the test of time.

General Job Functions & Requirements

Professionals in managerial and executive roles have the primary task of ensuring the business runs smoothly. Depending on the level of the position, business professionals can have a variety of duties. Typically these employees do the following tasks:

While there are many other essential functions specific to the various roles in this sector, this provides a general outline of what to expect in a business operations role. Requirements for these roles generally include at the minimum a bachelor’s degree (though master’s degrees are often preferred) and multiple years of relevant work experience. These are not entry-level roles and thus are more competitive in today’s job market.

If your company needs a business operations staffing solution, J. Kent Staffing is here to help.

With our extensive pool of candidates specializing in various roles in this field, we know how to match the right candidate with the right company. To learn more about our services, send us a Contact Us or if you’re ready to find your next great hire, use the Fill a Position form to start the process!


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