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Human Resources Staffing Solutions in Denver

HR employees are essential to office functions. They provide services that no other employee does, ensuring the continued growth and success of the company. Without their expertise, companies would fail to function and would never reach their potential.

Human Resources Staffing

For over 50 years, top Denver employers of all sizes have been coming to J. Kent Staffing for their HR needs. Whether they’re looking for a seasoned high-level employee to lead their team or an entry-level candidate eager to learn, J. Kent Staffing is the place to go. Heralded as one of the premier staffing firms in the Rocky Mountain Region, it’s no wonder employers come to us with their needs. Our exceptional team of Recruiters works hard every day to provide top quality candidates to every client we work for.

Essential Job Functions

While the functions of a human resources employee greatly depend on the specific role they’re performing, some general job duties of workers in this industry include:

The Importance of Human Resources

Human resources staff plan, direct, coordinate, and facilitate the administrative functions of an organization. Duties include onboarding new employees, performing new employee orientation, creating new policies and updating employee handbooks, recruiting and hiring new staff, and serving as a link between a company’s management team and its employees. Human resources staff play a vital role in the operations of a company. Without them, a company couldn’t run smoothly or grow. Each HR role is vital, with none being less important than the rest.

Some roles within human resources are specialized while others are more generalized. Specialties include recruiting, benefits, compensation, and health and safety management. No role in HR isn’t vital to an organization’s functions. Every HR position is integral to the smooth operations of a company, and many HR roles cross into other sectors. Some have an administrative bent while others partner with accounting.

Every organization needs to evaluate its needs and ensure it has every sector of human resources covered within its organization.

If your company needs a human resources staffing solution, J. Kent Staffing is here to help.

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