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Marketing & Communications Staffing Solutions in Denver

Marketing & Communications staff are vital to the healthy functioning of a business. With a large variety of positions and a constantly changing world, the importance of marketing is even greater now than it ever has been. Technology, especially social media platforms and email clients, has greatly changed over the years and is shifting daily. These changes have created new marketing roles — all of which are improving the profitability of businesses across every industry.

Marketing & Communications Staffing

Companies throughout the Denver metropolitan area are in need of marketing help. Whether it’s to complete a short-term project or to promote the company’s success in the long run, new roles are opening up for Denver job seekers. With the new influx of residents in the area, most of whom are skilled employees with high-level degrees and a willingness to learn, there’s plenty of talent to choose from. J. Kent Staffing can help you navigate the process of adding marketing staff to your business. Our high standards are unmatched by our competitors, and our 50-year tenure in the area gives us a local touch that others simply don’t have.

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General Job Duties & Requirements

Marketing staff is responsible for communicating with clients, fostering relationships with new clients, and promoting sales of products through online platforms. Their general responsibilities are listed below, but each role differs. Some higher-level roles have additional managerial responsibilities while lower-level roles have additional administrative responsibilities.

Necessary Skills & Knowledge

While some marketing duties are still performed on non-online platforms, the majority of job duties revolve around online marketing campaigns. Due to this, it’s important for marketing employees to possess superior computer skills. Some of the necessary platforms marketing employees need to familiar with are as follows.

There are other marketing platforms that are used by individual companies, so it’s necessary to evaluate your own company’s needs when determining what platforms to use. It is also a general rule of thumb at the moment for marketers to understand and know how to use various social media platforms. One of the fastest-growing platforms for marketing activities is Instagram, though Facebook and Twitter still remain highly used and important.

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