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Nonprofit Staffing Solutions in Denver

Advocacy, grantmaking, and civic organizations in the United States, at some point, affect everyone’s life. It is important to support these organizations in our community to ensure that progress is achieved. Employees of nonprofits care about the mission and values of a company. This is what leads them to greatness and what causes them to stick with the sector, even in hard times.

Nonprofit Staffing Services & Challenges

Finding the right candidate for any role is not an easy task. It’s something that our seasoned recruiters work hard to accomplish, and the roles in the nonprofit sector are no different. It takes a certain type of person – someone who is more focused on giving back than on a large paycheck – to fill roles at nonprofit organizations.

While nonprofits need the same essential roles as any other organization, i.e. Accounting, HR, Administrative and Marketing staff, there are also many nonprofit specific roles. These range from grant writers to people versed in the specific cause the nonprofit focuses on.

J. Kent Staffing has a long history of successfully filling roles at nonprofits. Whether the need is temporary or permanent, we excel at finding the right fit. With our extensive pool of vetted nonprofit candidates, J. Kent understands how to staff the industry. We have over 50 years of experience working in Denver with various local, national and international nonprofit organizations. Our dedication and relentless attitude are what keeps our loyal clients coming back year after year.

What Makes a Company a Nonprofit

In every State, these types of organizations are working to better their communities by directly addressing issues of public concern through service, independent action, and civic engagement. These organizations span the political spectrum of ideas and encompass every aspect of human endeavor, from homeless shelters and community-driven advocates to natural resource conservation organizations.

These organizations are often collectively called nonprofits, a name that is used to describe institutions and organizations that are neither government nor business. Other names often used include the not-for-profit sector, the third sector, the independent sector, the philanthropic sector, the voluntary sector, and the social sector. Outside the United States, these organizations often are called non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or civil society organizations.

These other names emphasize the characteristics that distinguish nonprofits from business and government. Their advocacy, grantmaking, and civic service separates nonprofits from other sectors. Unlike businesses, these organizations do not exist to make money for owners or investors, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot charge fees or sell products that generate revenue, or that revenue must not exceed expenses. Instead, these groups are dedicated to a specific mission that enhances the social fabric of society.

Unlike the government, these organizations are not able to mandate changes through legislation or regulations enforceable by law. Instead, they work toward the mission of their organization by relying on a small group of paid staff and the voluntary service and financial support of large numbers of their members or the public.

This industry includes four main segments:

Though other distinguishing factors between nonprofits exist. Some are considered civic and social organizations while others focus more heavily on social advocacy. Other nonprofits focus on grantmaking and giving services, working with state, local and federal governments along with private investors to fund projects across the world.

If your company needs a nonprofit staffing solution, J. Kent Staffing is here to help.

With our extensive pool of candidates specializing in various roles in this field, we know how to match the right candidate with the right company. To learn more about our services, send us a Contact Us or if you’re ready to find your next great hire, use the Fill a Position form to start the process!


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NAICS Code: 813 - Nonprofit Associations

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