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Welfare Plan

August 13, 2019

Weingarten Rule


Wage Structure

Wage Garnishment

Wage Gap

Wage Differential

Wage Curve

Wage and Salary Survey

Wage and Salary Administration

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A common language is critical in today’s staffing world. A lack of common definitions can cause communication problems between your organization’s hiring professionals and your staffing vendor. In the 21st century, staffing spans a range of industries and continents, so establishing a singular “lingo” helps clarify needs and services between diverse staffing audiences – employers, candidates, employees, and staffing providers.

Sources for The Lingo

The Lingo™ by J. Kent Staffing is a compilation of terms from two sources:

  1. Staffing Industry Analysts, the premier independent advisory service about the contingent workforce
  2. J. Kent Staffing’s internal staffing dictionary